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Job Title Salary Industry Job Zip Code
Producer $64,000 COX Media Atlanta
Group Media Director 181,500 Advertising San Francisco
Account Director 90,000 Advertising Salt Lake City
Graduate Assistanceship Approx $15,000 University Tucson, AZ
Adjunct 7,617 University San Francisco, CA
CSO 500000 Advertising New York
Media Planner 48000 Advertising Minneapolis
Graduate Assistanceship 34,000 USD University Los Angeles, CA
Digital strategist 92500 Advertising Chicago
Producer $90,000/year Advertising Chicago
Sourcing Specialist 74500 Advertising Chicago
Associate Producer 63,000 Meredith New York, NY
Integrated Producer $105,000 Advertising New York
Digital Strategy 48,500 Advertising Miami, FL
Junior Art Director 760$ Advertising Warsaw
Account Manager 40000 Advertising Atlanta
Budget Manager 97000 Advertising Los Angeles
Account Executive 70,000 Advertising Charlotte
Graduate Assistanceship 28,000 University NJ
Assistant Account Executive 47,700 Advertising Washington, D.C.
Creative Copywriter 1,000$ Advertising Kyiv
Associate 48,500 Advertising New York
Associate Creative Director 135,000 Advertising Miami
Reporter 85,000 The Washington Post Washington, D.C.
VAP/NTT $6,500 University Seattle, WA
Barista $15/hr café 19103
Junior Graphic Designer 45000 Advertising Washington D.C.
Highest Earner £496,000 St Andrew’s Healthcare UK
Account Manager 65000 Advertising Chicago
Graphic Designer` 48000 Advertising Los Angeles
Assistant Prof $44,000 University Greeneville, TN
Producer 75,000 Advertising Brooklyn
Staff writer 65,000 G/O Media NY
Adjunct $3,900 University New York, NY
Senior Creative Strategist 85,000 Advertising Los Angeles
Adjunct $4,000 University Norman, OK
Associate Digital Strategist 58000 Advertising NYC
Senior writer $75,000 VICE NYC
Creative White claw and tears Advertising Chicago
Media Placement Manager 70,000 Advertising Fargo
VP, Account Director $140,000 Advertising New York City
strategist 70,000 Advertising New York
Account Director 110,000 Advertising chicago
VAP/NTT $5,800 University St Louis, MO
Adjunct $2,400 University Greenwood, SC
Deputy Editor 66,800 A Future PLC web page
VAP/NTT $2,850 University Pleasanville, NY
Afternoon Editor $73,000 WTOP Washington, D.C.
Assistant Professor 61,000 University San Antonio, TX
Adjunct $6,800 University Boston MA