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Job Title Salary Industry Job Zip Code
Marketing Manager 70000 Advertising Tampa
Creative Strategist 90000 Advertising Portland
Digital Marketing Coordinator $43,500.00 Jewish Nonprofit
Associate Prof 98,000 University Storrs, CT
Adjunct $4,250 University Providence, RI
$50,000 (2019) Employment Specialist/Wellness Specialist/Family Specialist/Criminal Justice Specialist/Substance Use Specialist Harlem, NYC
Analyst $80,000 Advertising Los Angeles
Account Director $115,000 Advertising New York
Sports journalist One chicken sandwich per week Deadspin NYC
Executive Creative Directoe 300000 Advertising New York
Creative Director 200000 Advertising New York City
VAP/NTT 3125 University Philadelphia, PA
Client Finance Analyst 45000 Advertising Chicago
Media Director 78,500 Advertising Kansas City
Copywriter 70000 Advertising Philadelphia
Creative Director 205,000 Advertising New York City
Recruiting Director $120,000 Advertising Dallas
Senior Jewish Educator (Rabbi) On College Campus $84,000.00 Jewish Nonprofit
Associate social media editor $50,000 Futurism New York
Associate Prof $91,000 University Seattle, WA
Adjunct 3,000.00 University Des Moines
Senior Project Manager 82,000 Advertising New York
Adjunct $6,200 University Kutztown, PA
Director 97000 Advertising Dallas
sports anchor/reporter 25,000 lockwood n/a
VAP/NTT $2,197.34 University New York, NY
Senior Account Manager $74,000 Advertising Washington, DC
Assistant Account Executive $42,000 Advertising NY
Marketing & Communications Coordinator 45,000 Advertising New York
Copy Editor 72,000 Advertising New York City
Paid Search Strategist $70,000 Advertising New York City
Sr. Art Director $105,000 Advertising washington, dc
Staff Photographer $15.1/hr, ($31,500/yr) Pueblo Chieftain (Gatehouse Media) Pueblo, Colorado
Editor $45,200 Remote
Development Associate $47,000.00 Jewish Nonprofit
Copywriter 75k Advertising New York
Assistant Prof 92,000 University Easton, PA
Photo Director 147,000 New York
Copywriter 70,000 Advertising New York
Account Coordinator 42000 Advertising Portland
News Editor 36,000 Wyoming Tribune Eagle Cheyenne, Wyoming
Adjunct $6650 (US) 17 week semester, hourly rate determined by salary schedule, I'm at C7 on salary schedule, almost the top before completed PhD salary class University Santa Rosa, CA
Associate Rabbi $120,000.00 Jewish Nonprofit
Associate producer $50,000 NBC Sports Bay Area San Francisco
Account Manager 64,000 Advertising Seattle
Senior Strategist 150,000 Advertising Minneapolis
Adjunct $7,000 University Northampton, MA
Senior Analyst, SEM 68500 Advertising New York
Asst. Prof $88,000 University Booklyn, NY
Social Media and Community Manager 50k Advertising Montreal