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Job Title Salary Industry Job Zip Code
Senior Media Planner 65,000 Advertising CA
Assistant Prof $54,000 (CN) University Moncton, NB (Canada)
Business Reporter $40,000 Gannett Florida
$47,000 (2018) Therapist Brooklyn
Head Of Jewish Studies (@ Day School) And (Full-Time) JS Teacher $44,000.00 Jewish Nonprofit
social media editor $44,000 conde nast NYC
Account Executive 90,000 Advertising New York
Digital Producer 57,500 Graham Media Houston
Publicist 53,000 Big 5 publishing house NYC
Branded Content Directo 135000 Advertising New york
Adjunct $2,700 University Worcester, MA
Associate director 60,000 Advertising New York
Reporter/newsletter writer 57,000 POLITICO DC
Senior Copywriter 140,000 Advertising New York
Project nanager 64k Advertising New York
$65,000 (2015) Social Work Director Brooklyn High School
Social Media Specialist 52000 Advertising Toronto
Associate Director 125000 Advertising New York
VAP/NTT $4,000 - $5,000 University Columbia, SC
VP Client Partner 210000 Advertising Los Angeles
VAP/NTT $2,900 University Queens, NY
ACD 220,000 Advertising Seattle
Program Manager $51,500.00 Jewish Nonprofit
VAP/NTT $15,000 University Cambridge, MA
Associate Creative Director 175,000.00 Advertising New York
Junior Strategist 50000 Advertising Chicago
Account Director 105000 Advertising New York
Manager $45k/year café 19103
Art Director 64,000 Advertising Minneapolis
Business Manager 96,000 Advertising Chicago
Deputy Chief Development Officer $175,000.00 Jewish Nonprofit
Adjunct $3800-5000 University Denver
Creative Director 125,000 Advertising Chicago
SVP, Video Investment $325,000 Advertising New York